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Transforming Your Life

The obstacles that life throws your way can have a huge emotional and financial impact on you.  Whether you are having marital problems, facing redundancy, struggling with low self-esteem or feeling stuck; whatever you are facing I can help you turn it around.  

I can provide my services in a variety of ways; telephone or a video conference via Zoom, Skype and Facetime. ​*If you have speech or hearing impairment, I also offer coaching and counselling via email. 

Each session is for a duration of one hour.

Girl Relaxing

My Approach

  • Together,  I will work with you to explore what objectives you want to achieve. 

  • Together, I will explore and discover the root cause of your situation and shift it from a Problem-Focused situation to a Results-Focused solution.

  • Together, I will work with you to create realistic methodologies and action plans to help you work towards your objectives.

  • Together, I will work with you to monitor your process during and in-between sessions so that accountability is present to ensure you are on the right track in achieving your objectives. 

Areas Covered

(but not limited to are) 

Areas Covered

Low Self Esteem

Relationship Conflict Resolution

Career verses Work Coaching

Confidence Building

Setting Values, Standards and Boundaries 

Couples Counselling

Financial Coaching

Executive Career Coaching

Redundancy Support

And much more

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