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Meet Elaine Cousins

Counsellor & Coach

I became a Practitioner Transformational Life Coach, Mentor and Counsellor, because I want others to experience and feel the benefits of living a fulfilled life instead of just existing and putting up with circumstances and situations that restrict your ability to overcome obstacles, grow as a person and to live your best life in all areas. Be it personal or professional.

How my Counselling  and Coaching Services can help you


Setting Values, Standards and Boundaries

The world around us can feel rather chaotic when we haven't created values, standards, and boundaries for ourselves.


The more we feel that we don't have control over our lives, the more we become disconnected and frustrated by things that are happening around us. Why does this happen? Our internal instincts are trying to protect us from something that we know is ultimately not good for us.


I will work with you to establish your values, standards and boundaries that will allow you to meaningfully engage with the people in your life while honouring your authentic self.

Becoming Your Best Self

In order to become the best of you, ask yourself this question: Who am I? One of the major barriers to this question is that we often unknowingly base our answers upon how we want other people to perceive us.


As a result, we often become dependent on the approval, validation, and recognition of others to define who we are. Over time, this becomes one of the most self-sabotaging things that we could do to ourselves. It limits us from being our authentic selves.  


I will work with you to develop practical strategies to unlearn these unhealthy habits so that you can fully realise your complete authentic self.

Well being

The state of being healthy is much more than simply being physically fit. Without being mentally, physically and emotionally balanced, we often become clouded and unable to recognise the triggers which are negatively affecting our daily lives.


I will work with you to discover the difference between pressures and stresses. Together we will develop a program that will support you in managing all aspects of your well-being throughout your journey ahead. 

Career Versus Work

Have you ever felt like there is more that you could be doing in your current job, but you are afraid to make a change or do something about it? 


Are you looking for more fulfilment in the work you do? Sometimes we don't feel effective in our roles, and we're unclear as to whether we are being fulfilled in work and/or as individuals.   


I will work with you to develop a programme that will help you re-discover the difference between work and career. Together we will develop real strategies to help you truly enjoy what you are currently doing or want to do in the future!

Develop and grow as a person

Have you ever felt that something doesn't feel right and you can't quite put your finger on it?  


Often, we are simply existing in life and what we want to do is truly live.  


I will work with you to learn how to grow, adapt, and change so that you can thrive and enjoy your life. Together we will learn why you feel stuck and break through the 'Status Quo'. 

Relationship Conflict Resolution

Have you ever felt like you haven't been heard or understood in a marriage, friendship, or during a family conflict?


Effective communication is key to navigating the dynamics of all levels of relationships. 

I will work with you to develop real strategies in the areas of active listening, conveying intentions and emotion-matching. 

Exploring Your Options

Have you ever felt trapped in your life or job? These feelings are normal. But, how do you take the steps to unlearn self-sabotaging habits that are stopping you from challenging your assumptions and beliefs? 

I will work with you to develop exciting alternative paths for your journey ahead. Together we will develop real strategies to shift your thinking from being Problem-focused to Solution-focused.


Business Meeting

Corporate Services

I offer a full range of coaching services for businesses looking to empower their employees


Personal Services

I provide personal coaching sessions either face to face or via telephone, email or video call.

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Virtual Services

I offer a wide range of virtual sessions, from telephone sessions to video and email communication methods.

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